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Originally founded in 2015 by Leroy Allen , Executive Leadership Coach and Master Life Coach , to train emerging and seasoned Entrepreneurs . The Life Enhancement Coaching Institute was established to be an International provider of Business and Life Coach Training. Our primary focus is to help emerging and seasoned professional coaches through out the world to transition their skills in to coaching . Its strong roots in leadership and assessing the needs of its community also makes it an excellent choice for those who have no prior training or experience in behavioral change , but are passionate about working with others. Those who are interested in acquiring coach training skills for use in business, education, or other industries will find that the Life Enhancement Coaching Institute training programs provide the perfect mix of theoretical and experiential learning for application in a wide variety of venues. The Life Enhancement Coaching Institute elective courses cover a wide range of topics to help students build their coaching practice , including 4 coaching specialist certificate programs for students who are interested in specializing in a specific area of coaching , including Business , Public Speaking / Training , Christian Development , and Life Coaching.
Contact information :
Leroy Allen , Founder and Director of Training
Phone – [301-327-0926]
You have the choice of taking the Life Coach or Business Coach training live online or through the home study program. Taking the Life Coach and Business Coach training online live is great if you want receive your CPD credentials or if you want the interaction with other students. Taking the home study program is good if you like to learn on your own time. You will still receive the support of the instructor.
When you take the Life Coach and Business Coach and Business Coach certification online program you will be able to help others go from the life they have now to the life they want, the life they deserve.
Through The Life Enhancement Coaching Institute online Life Coach Certification Program you will learn how to:
  • Help clients overcome fears and achieve balance in both their personal and professional lives through a series of attainable steps.
  • Work with clients to support their personal growth , behavior modification , and goal setting . Anybody can achieve their goals if properly guided and that is where a Life Coach comes in.
  • Assist the clients in the process of taking the life – improving actions necessary to take control of their future.
  • Start , run , and market your own Life Coach business from scratch.
Upon successful completion of our Life Coach or Business Coach training you will be a.
  • Certified Transformational Coach (CTC).
  • Certified Business Coach (CBC).
  • Certified Public Speaker / Trainer (CPST).
  • Certified Christian Development Coach (CCDC).
  • Certified Relationship Coach (CRC).
Why should you get Life Coach training and receive certification :
  1. The coaching industry is growing . The ICF global coach study found that the estimated global revenue from coaching to be almost $ 2 billion ( 1,979 million USD)- annually.
  2. Coaching is making an impact in individuals lives . ” The study shows that people every where are turning to professional coaching for the positive difference it can make in their lives and communities , ” said ICF President and Master Certified coach Janet M. Harvey.
Student Center:
You will also have access to the Life Enhancement Coaching Institute Student Center which is packed with more coaching tools, tips, and resources.
  • How to group coach.
  • Coaching in seminars and workshops.
  • Starting and setting up your coaching practice.
  • Marketing your coaching practice.
  • Tools , forms , and Exercises.
  • Community of coaches.
The student center is updated regularly !!!
Choose which Life Coach certification online program to take.
Home study Life Coach certification online or – Live online Coach Certification.


Leroy Allen CEO/ Founder of the Life Enhancement Consulting Group L.L.C. & Program Director of the Life Enhancement Coaching Institute. 
Thomas Johnson
Certified Life Coach
Marissa Bloedoorn
Executive Leadership Coach
Mon - Sat 9 AM to 7PM

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