Program Title: Executive Leadership Coach Training Program .

Program Start Date: August 14th 2019 to September 27th 2019, 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM.
Program Length: 10 weeks
Tuition : Currently $1063.00
Class duration 1 hour per week , please allow one additional hour per week for homework.
Executive Leadership Coach accrediting , certified Executive Leadership Coach from the Life Enhancement Coaching Institute.
This teleconference is designed for new and experienced coaches who want to understand the nature and application of executive and leadership coaching .
Coaching with professionals in business and corporate settings is a unique and rewarding experience for coaches who already have experience working within business or for those who are willing to do the hard work of understanding the context of business culture and how coaching can enhance both the leaders and the organization they serve . The course focus on skill development and tools in three coaching areas : Leadership Coaching , Behavior Coaching , and Strengthbased Coaching . We also address the crucial topics of building your coaching business , submitting competitive proposals , and contracting with clients and client companies.
Benefits To This Program :
  1.  One of the benefits of this course is the chance to develop present and receive detailed feedback on a proposal detailing the coaching services that you would like to be able to offer potential clients ,use to respond to RFPS etc.
  2. Earn your Executive Leadership Coach Certificate.
  3.  Become connected to a network of coaches.
  4. Free invitation to our yearly coaches retreat.
Course Objectives :
Participants of this course will
  1.  Increase awareness of the common needs of executives and business professionals and how coaching can address those needs.
  2.  Become Knowledgeable about the special issues facing business professionals, organizations, and executive leadership coaches .
  3. Gain skills in using specific assessment and data gathering tools that support the development of the client and the organization .
  4. Understand how to use strengthbased assessment tools that identify the clients strengths and developmental needs and provide the foundation for following through with an action plan.
  5. Experience and practice both goal setting and coaching for change .
  6. Learn how to respond to RFPS (request for proposals) develop description of their service offerings and successfully compete for business contracts .
  7. Know how to contract for business coaching : Who is the client ? How do you specify goals and reporting mechanisms ? What tools can you use for a coaching contract ?
Required text book :
Coaching Leaders : Guide people who guide others by Daniel White
Register today and receive the Leadership Evaluator Assessment to use with your clients.


Leroy Allen CEO/ Founder of the Life Enhancement Consulting Group L.L.C. & Program Director of the Life Enhancement Coaching Institute. 
Thomas Johnson
Certified Life Coach
Marissa Bloedoorn
Executive Leadership Coach
Mon - Sat 9 AM to 7PM

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