Certified Public Speaker

How to become a Certified Public Speaker:

The Certified Public Speaker, designation program is a self- paced training and certification program on public speaking fundamentals, industry terms, and best practices. The Certified Public Speaker program is a self- study and 100% online. That means you get to set your own pace and take as long as you need. This program develops the skills necessary to be a great public speaker.
Objective: By the end of this course you will have the following skills and expertise in public speaking:

Become confident in yourself and eliminate crippling fear.

The foundation to becoming a skilled speaker is to actually be able to speak.

Fear can hold you back from ever opening your mouth. One of the first things that you will be learning in this course is how to break free from all your fears and doubts related to speaking. You will be given all the tools and advice you need to completely eliminate your fear, no matter how big it is, so that you can finally feel comfortable taking your first steps as a public speaker.

Discover the keys to being a powerful and effective public speaker.

The keys to unlocking your own potential as a successful Public Speaker are all in your head. When you find these keys, you will skyrocket from where you are now to incredible new heights of speaking ability.

Master the art of writing, practicing, and performing a speech that engages the audience.

You don’t need to be an English major to deliver a speech that is intelligent and engaging. Learn the skills that you’ll use every time you sit down to write a new speech. You’ll get proven methods for organizing your ideas and pulling your pieces together from beginning to end. Techniques for practicing, editing, and performing your finished speech discussed in detail.

Other points that will be covered include:

  • Learning how to use the basic principals of public speaking.
  • Understanding the difference between communicating verbally and in writing.
  • Knowing how to choose the right words that will convey your ideas clearly.
  • Learning ways to use humor in order to captivate the attention of an audience quickly.
  • Uncover powerful visual aids to make your message easier to absorb.
  • Discovering the secret to using your senses in order to know exactly what your audience is thinking.
  • Perfecting the art of reading body language and using it to give a better speech.
  • Becoming well – versed in the creation of speeches that will be relevant and inspiring.
  • Gaining the knowledge necessary to research and write compelling words for a variety of speaking situations, from simple presentations to complex debates.
  • Learning how to evaluate and improve speeches easily.
And, last but not least, you will finally be able to get up in front of an audience, look around, feel comfortable, and truly enjoy the experience of speaking publicly…. then you will deliver a speech that would rival Martin Luther King’s “I have a Dream” ( If that’s what you are going for).


Leroy Allen CEO/ Founder of the Life Enhancement Consulting Group L.L.C. & Program Director of the Life Enhancement Coaching Institute. 
Thomas Johnson
Certified Life Coach
Marissa Bloedoorn
Executive Leadership Coach
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